wastewater treatment


With ever increasing demands from the Environment Agency to minimise pollutants in water effluent arising from industrial processes, Morselt Borne BV can offer a solution which works well in many industries.

This is the Red Box Electro Coagulation system whereby contaminants are flocculated by an electrical process into a size which can then be filtered, pressed and disposed of. The flocculation process in the reactor is based on electrolysis. When the installation is switched on, air is blown through the water in the reactor vessel. This is to keep the water in motion and to prevent solids sinking to the bottom. Every thirty seconds an extra boost of “cleaning-air” is blown through the water.

This vessel there are three level sensors which control water levels and pumps.

In a typical system, the reactor contains Fe- (iron) and Al- (aluminium) electrodes, although other types of electrodes can solve different problems . Four of them are connected to the anode (+) and the other four are connected to the cathode (-). The voltage-level varies between nine and eleven Volts.

The Fe- and Al- electrodes connected to the anode are slowly converted into Fe203 and AL2(0H)3. The resulting roughly formed flocks provide a place for any contaminant in the water to attach to. The dissolved contamination is connected to the flocks and is transformed into non-dissolvable particles. These particles can easily be separated from the treated water by filtration.

Morselt REDBOX-Technology
Key applications of electro-coagulation
  • Water based glue / metal treating industries
  • Container cleaning
  • Printing industry and any other ink based process
  • Cardboard printers
  • Galvanising industry
  • Textile printers
  • Paint industry
Benefits of electro-coagulation
  • Supplied as a skid mounted unit
  • fully assembled for inlet/outlet and backwash connections
  • Low operating costs
  • Low power requirements
  • Minimal chemical additions
  • Low maintenance
  • Sludge minimisation
What to do now?

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Low Energy Vacuum Vaporizer
Morselt Low Energy Vacuum Vaporizer

Capacities of 30 – 2000 l/h
In industrial businesses, today, the question about an up-to-date and environmentally friendly way always more frequently arises around the wastewater treatment.

We have the answer: DESTIMAT® vaporizer technology permits ecological and economic water recovery out of dirty wastewater.
Broader advantages of this technique in particular the approval free business without introduction of sewage into the channel system as well as independence of the development of the costs for waste and water.

We turn your wastewater to waste and water.

Metal processing
The vacuum vaporizers are being used in separation of oil containing waste water and degreasing baths in the manufacturing industry. The distillate can be reused.

Aluminium high pressure injection moulding
Separation of wastewater in highly concentrated release agent and reusable distillate

Galvanic industry
Concentration of spent electrolytic, degreasing and rinse baths are examples of where the vacuum vaporizer is put to use in the galvanic industry. The distillate is reused as rinse water

Printed circuits
Concentration of strip liquids of rejected boards

Surface treatment industries
In these industries the vaporizer is used in recycling of wash water and concentration of heavy metals and pre-treatment stations for powder coating.

  • Phosphating
  • Pickling
  • Chromating
  • Passivation
  • Aircraft industries
  • Concentrating water with penetrates for checking cracks in steel and aluminium.

Waste gathering companies
Concentrating different chemicals to create a minor amount of liquid. Because there is only a few percent of water, the concentrate can be used as a high caloric waste.

Recycling and concentration
The Destimat Low Energy vaporizer is special constructed for concentrating wastewater. The vapours are condensed again a vertical tube heat exchanger and give a reusable distilled water.

Self-cleaning; no contamination or sticking
The natural circulation in the boiler with high turbulence and it’s fully emptying between the cycles guarantees a clean vaporizer.


Morselt Vacuum Vaporizer

Vacuum vaporizer with low energy consumption

The Destimat Low Energy has a working temperature of about 75 oC and with the pressure to match. As there is only one electrical motor and no further pumps or heating elements, the energy consumption, according to other vaporizers, is very low. A recommended value is about 70 kWh/m3 process water.

Fully automatic
The Destimat Low Energy is equipped with a PLC controller and can run fully automatic and without the use of an operator. The controller can be connected to an external computer via a bus system, to store important data continuous.

Foam control
The Destimat Low Energy is equipped with an anti-foam control system. A photocell detects when foam exists and the PLC gives a signal to dose anti-foam agent. At the same moment the vacuum is reduced a little bit, so foam is held under control.

Heat recycling from the distillate
The Destimat Low Energy is equipped with a second heat exchanger. The distillate preheats the wastewater before it arrives in the boiler.

Environment friendly; no vapours
The Destimat Low Energy operates with vacuum. So there exists no vapours nor odours. There is no danger for the personnel in the vicinity.