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Morselt Wassertechnik

Morselt Borne B.V. is a specialized company that is working for almost 30 years in the wastewater treatment plants and water technical components for both industry and the government.

Our slogan is: "We turn your wastewater into water."

To achieve this, we are continuously looking for new technologies and targeted solutions in the market. For this, we produce our own specific purification. We also represent several renowned foreign companies in the Netherlands. By responding to changing customer needs we are constantly changing our product range. We are able to meet all the needs of our costumers because of our flexible production methods and those of our suppliers.

Morselt Wassertechnik GmbH

The engineering is provided in our in company in Borne. The specific knowledge and years of experience of our engineering department are taking the challenge to transform your wishes into a suitable solution. To achieve this, we use automatic systems. Also the knowledge and experience of our suppliers is of great importance.

To optimize the service and assembly, we have our own service department. This department is highly flexible and solution minded to compare with all the wishes of our customers. We can promise this because of our own electromechanical workshop, transport and assembly facilities.

Morselt Borne B.V. – Modern technologies in the field of water, wastewater and waste

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